Joseph Caulfield is the Founder of Black Sword Aikido. He was first introduced to Japanese martial arts through Karate and Jujutsu in 1960. In 1973, he began training in Aikido and Aiki sword and staff under one of the resident apprentices to the founder of Aikido. In 1978, he began studying the halberd and older styles of sword and staff. After training with some of the greatest Japanese masters of his generation, in 1993 Mr. Caulfield began training in the Chinese art of Shaolin Chin Na under a White Crane Master.

Mr. Caulfield is a graduate of Boston Latin School, Boston College and Suffolk Law School. He has traveled extensively researching the hidden traditions and inner teachings of the world's religions. A member of the Order of Merlin of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians, Mr. Caulfield was the sponsor for the Society of Young Magicians, teaching stage and close-up magic. Mr. Caulfield was a Founder of both the Church of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Skeptical Inquirers of New England, serving as its first Investigations Officer and Legal Officer, investigating reports of psychic and occult phenomena.

Mr. Caulfield is a trial attorney with offices in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire and Nashua, New Hampshire. He has a general practice with emphasis in personal injury, divorce and custody, and criminal law. Formerly a Law School Clinical Director, Attorney Caulfield combines the skills and discipline gained through decades of legal experience and martial arts to guarantee each client aggressive and dedicated representation. Attorney Caulfield has lectured and published in the area of law, stress, comparative religion, and martial arts.  Contact Joseph Caulfield Sensei at BlackSword@tds.net

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