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Recommended Reading
The oldest military treatise in the world  is the definitive book on strategy. It is still studied by officers in the US military today. A required reading for all Black Sword Aikido Students.  
Order other Recommended reading at the Black Sword Aikido Store.
Dojo etiquettePDF version

There is a proper way to act in the dojo. Find out what is expected from a student practicing in the dojo. 

Uke - Nage relationship

Guidelines for a good partner practice relationship.  

Some of the files referenced on this page are in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat Reader® software to view and print Adobe PDF files.

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Testing Schedule and Test Requirements

Sensei Caulfield will be conducting level testing on the following dates:

To Be announced

The requirements to advance in Black Sword Aikido are in the following documents:  PDF format  Word and RTF format
If you are ready to test, print out the Level Test Application, fill in the information and return the application to the dojo.  The fees are listed here. 

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 Caulfield Sensei Seminar Schedule
Unless otherwise stated the school will remain open while Sensei Caulfield is teaching any seminars.  All students are encouraged to attended these seminars.
 To be announced  

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Dojo Photo Albums
Group Picture 15th Anniversary Group Photo (May 2006).
Kaloma Camp Group Photo from the Kaloma Camp (August 2005).
14th Anniversary Classes Photos from the 14th anniversary classes (May 28, 2005).
Souhegan High School Aikido Club Current photo March  2005
Friendship Seminar Photos from the 13th anniversary classes (September 25, 2004).
13th Anniversary Classes Photos from the 13th anniversary classes (May 29, 2004).
Souhegan High School Aikido Club Photos from Jon's visit in Feb 2004

Photo Archive

Tom's Black Belt Test Nov 15, 2003
July 26 2003 Friendship Seminar
12th Anniversary (May 31, 2003) Classes
Monadnock Ledger Article
October 2001 Seminar
Sensei's wedding Jan 13, 2001

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Martial Arts Supplies
A lot of great books on Aikido and Chin Na can be found on Amazon. Use the search box to find other items related to martial arts.
Search Now:
In Association with Amazon.com
Uniforms and other martial arts supplies are available in our dojo store. For what we don't have please go to MartialArtsMart.com.

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Aikido Information on the Web
There is a lot of good Aikido information on the web. Here are some places to start:

Good basic information on Aikido and Dojo etiquette can be found at
the Aikido Primer.


There are many Aikido techniques that we practice. Check out these links for descriptions of Aikido techniques.

Aiki Web techniques
Aikido World Web Journal


All those Aikido terms and Japanese phrases giving you trouble? Check out these links:

Aikido FAQ dictionary
Aikiweb language


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