From South (Nashua, NH area)

Take Exit 8 off Route 3. At the intersection of Route 101A, go right. This is Route 101A West. Follow 101A West until it intersects 101. Follow directions from Milford, NH.

From East (Manchester, NH area)

Take 101W (toward Keene). Follow directions from Milford, NH.

From Milford, NH

Take 101W (toward Keene). Follow 101W until it rejoins 101A after the railroad tracks. Proceed through the intersection onto North River Road. Continue straight until the first stop sign. Take a left up the hill. You will pass Woodmont Orchard, crest the hill and take the first paved road on the left - Perham Corner Road. The second house on the left - a gray farmhouse with white trim, black shutters and attached barn - with a sign "Black Sword Estate" is Black Sword Aikido Dojo.

From West (Peterborough/Keene, NH area)

Follow 101 East toward Wilton. At the blinking light, take a left onto Route 31 North. This takes you onto Main Street in Wilton. At the intersection, take a right onto Main Street. Immediately after passing the traffic dummy take a left up behind the Town Hall -- big brick building with a clock tower. At the intersection stop sign, take a left. Go past the elementary school. At the top of the hill take a right onto Whiting Hill Road. Follow this past the Dogwood State Park on the left. Black Sword Estate is kitty-corner to the State Park. It is a large gray farmhouse with white trim, black shutters and attached barn

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