Please Note: Caulfield Sensei neither endorses nor condemns Western Hebrides Cudgel Fighting. He is merely using Western Hebrides Cudgel Fighting to make a point. However, it could explain that large stick in his foyer.

On Western Hebrides Cudgel Fighting

As a member of Testing Committee, I, on occasion, conduct black belt tests in other dojos.  Some of these dojos practice the AAA weapons system as taught by Toyoda Shihan.  Others practice other weapons systems.  I donít think thereís a problem with this.  An ideal situation would be that we all practice at least Toyoda Shihanís weapons system, but this is not an ideal world.

However, a test is a demonstration.  The applicant demonstrates to the testing committee his or her ability.  Now, if the applicant is just performing a kata, a solo exercise, and wishes to demonstrate his or her skill in western Hebrides cudgel fighting, that is all well and good.  I will try to judge the weapons work based upon certain principals drawn from my understanding of Japanese weapons.  If western Hebrides cudgel fighting utilizes different principals, it would behoove the applicant to tell me that beforehand so that I can look for these principals being clearly demonstrated in his or her kata.

 The problem arises, when the student wishes to demonstrate a paired weapons kata, but does not plan ahead to provide someone who is knowledgeable in that kata.  If you want to demonstrate a kata involving western Hebrides cudgel fighting, please bring another western Hebrides cudgel fighter to your test.

Nothing is more distracting to me than to have the applicant and his partner talk through the demonstration, stop in the middle of the demonstration, debate the techniques, apologize for not knowing the techniques, etc.

It is better if these things are planned ahead of time so that I am left with the impression that the applicant gave some thought to his or her test.  If not, perhaps you should consider forgoing the demonstration.  To do otherwise, promotes neither the art, nor yourself.