The Journal Of The Black Sword is a publication of Black Sword Aikido. The Journal welcomes photos, short articles, book or movie reviews, as well as news related to the martial arts. 

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Title Author Date
Monadnock Ledger Article Joe Bills Jan 2002
Western Hebrides Cudgel Fighting Joseph Caulfield Dec 2001
What is Shugyo Colin Bauer Dec. 2000
What is Aikido Colin Bauer Dec. 2000
Japanese Folk Zen Sayings Soiku Shigematsu Jan. 1997
Perseverance Joseph Caulfield Jan. 1997
True Accomplishment from Hagakure Jan. 1997
Japanese Folk Zen Sayings Soiku Shigematsu Dec. 1996
No Shihonage Break Fall Joseph Caulfield Dec. 1996
A New Studentís First Impressions Susan Wagoner Dec. 1996
The Utility of Pain Nick Wright Nov. 1996
Zen Phrases Joseph Caulfield Nov. 1996
Songs of the Way of the Spear Trevor Leggett Nov. 1996
The Cook Trevor Leggett Nov. 1996
Aiki Joseph Caulfield Oct. 1996
The Tree Timothy J. Connell Oct. 1996
A Teacher Lament Jeff Potter Oct. 1996
Dissemination of Wisdom Joseph Caulfield Oct. 1996
Essence Jeff Potter Sept. 1996
Dojo Etiquette Nicholas Wright Sept. 1996
Essay On Aikido Jon Beyer Sept. 1996
Promotion Tsunetomo Sept. 1996
On Evaluating Tests Joseph Caulfield Sept. 1996
Dharana Joseph Caulfield Sept. 1996
Grappling With Unreality Joseph Caulfield Sept. 1996

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